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If parents require anything from the website as a paper copy, please call in to the school office and one of our administrators will be happy to help you.
If parents require anything from the website as a paper copy, please call in to the school office and one of our administrators will be happy to help you.
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Manadon Vale Curriculum Map

Curriculum Statement


At Manadon Vale, we want to develop a generation of “go-getters”; children who are prepared to grasp life with both hands and meet challenges head on. We are passionate about developing rounded individuals who are equipped for an ever changing World and have exceptionally high expectations of every child that they will become the best that they can be.


We deliver a curriculum which is beyond the statutory National Curriculum to the wider life of the child. All learning opportunities are based upon our core learning values which state that we are:

  • Active, by using Kagan strategies
  • Collaborative
  • Resilient
  • Curious
  • Reflective
  • Happy and Healthy in Mind and Body


Cross curricular themes allow us to explore the World at a local and personal level before building towards a sense of our rights and responsibilities as global citizens.


As a school community, we have generous grounds and creative teachers who use the outdoors as a key learning environment to develop these cross curricular topics through active learning opportunities. This develops children, not just in terms of academic achievement, but also in terms of social and emotional aspects of learning. This reflects our dedication to support children in developing a healthy sense of mental well-being.


We use visiting specialists and take the children on a wide range of off-site trips to try, as much as possible, to immerse the children in the learning, developing depth and breadth of experience. For example, Howard Carter takes the children underground to the tomb of Tutankhamun. Children become Stig of the Dump in our wooded area to experience life as a Stone Age child.


Part of our duty is to nurture talent, in many forms, from developing musicians who perform beyond the schools bounds, to aspiring athletes who compete at the highest levels. Music is central to us as we are passionate about the benefits of music to achievement. All children learn to play a musical instrument in Year 3, children access peripatetic lessons from Year 4 and the school is fortunate to have an orchestra. Through their life at Manadon, our children perform to a variety of audiences, developing their self-confidence and self-esteem. We also firmly believe in high quality, competitive, sports opportunities and participate in a wide range of contests across the city.


Through our curriculum, we teach children to reflect on their own beliefs, show respect for the faiths and cultures of others and we harness the knowledge and expertise of our local community in teaching diversity.


Our school offers numerous enrichment clubs on a termly basis provided by both staff and external organisations which enhance our curriculum offer and allow children to succeed in many different areas.


We are exceptionally proud of the curriculum offer we provide at Manadon Vale and believe that, by the time they leave us to enter Secondary School, our children are ready for the next stage of their education.