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Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who took the time to speak to the Governors at our Parents Evenings
Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who took the time to speak to the Governors at our Parents Evenings
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HMS Heroes

Her Majesty's Schools Heroes is a unique, national, pupil voice group formed for the support of Service children and young people.  This group works actively and in harmony, to ensure that every member has a voice and is able to use it for the benefit of all.  Members of HMS Heroes are ambassadors and young advocates for Service families across the United Kingdom.  Most importantly, they are friends for each other, especially in times of need.

To date Heroes has in excess of 4000 members and is growing daily.  This is based on several factors that include registered service children, as noted in the annual schools' census.  In addition, any child who has any relative serving in any of our Armed Forces, the Reserve Forces or the RFA, can be classed as a Heroes member. Children of veterans are also eligible as Heroes.

Manadon Vale is very proud to be linked with HMS Heroes.

Mother's Day


During our lunchtime group, we made gifts for Mother's Day. Here are some pictures of what we have made.

Diving Session at The Life Centre

On Friday 28th of November 2015 at 1:15 pm , Mr Davies and Miss Lane took HMS Heroes to the Life Centre to do an hour of diving . All 10 of us hopped aboard a huge coach !


Charlie our coach, first had to make sure we could all swim confidently. Secondly , he showed us how to do a pencil jump and a tuck jump . Then, he took us to the 1 metre spring board to practise these jumps ! We were told to jump as high as possible . After that , Charlie (our coach) took Charlie, Olivia and Poppy up to the 5 metre were they did a pencil jump!


Poppy summed up the diving session in three words “Brilliant and Amazing!” “It was really fun , my favourite board was the 5 metre although I slapped my arms against the water  and got a red rash !” said Charlie!  Olivia also enjoyed it, “I thought that it was really fun but it was quite scary diving off the 5 metre board. Also some of the dives were very hard but I would love to do it again!”


Then we were taken down to the side of the pool to show us how to dive off  the side . Once we could do that, we went up to the 1 metre platform to practice these dives ! Charlie got a plastic board called a Nipper Dipper that clipped on to the end of the 1 metre spring board . He would then get us to lie down on top of the Nipper Dipper and he would hold on to the end of our legs and tilt the board up to 180 degrees . Then he would let go of our legs and we would fall into the water hands first like we were diving !Then , we did the Nipper Dipper but on our backs !


Laurie told us, “The Nipper Tripper was really fun !”


Then we had free time and Ethan went up to the 5 metre board with Charlie but they both slapped there arms and got a red rash in an attempt to do a pencil jump ! OUCH ! Then , we went up to the 10 metre to have a photo and have a look down of the edge !


“I was terrified! When we went up to the 10 metre board!” said Mr Davies.


We all had lots of fun Diving and it was defiantly worth going !



Diving at The Life Centre