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Thank you to everyone for their fantastic contribution to our Macmillan Coffee Morning. We will let you know how much we have raised very soon.
Thank you to everyone for their fantastic contribution to our Macmillan Coffee Morning. We will let you know how much we have raised very soon.
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School Parliament

Our new School Parliament Members 2016 !

Our new School Parliament Members 2016 ! 1

The School Parliament (previously known as the School Council), consists of Key Stage 2 representatives who have been voted for by their peers in every class (1 from each Year 3 & 4 class and 2 each from Years 5 & 6).


These 12 representatives are in post for a year and meet at least twice a term (but usually more) with Mrs Butcher to discuss different aspects of the running of the school. In the past, girls being allowed to wear trousers, new staff appointments, the outside quiet area, bike racks, playground markings, colour of the new toilets, and school lunch procedures have all been influenced by the School Parliament. Every member wears a "School Parliament" badge so they can be recognised by others and they always lead by example.


Once a year, usually at the beginning of the school year, Parliament Members invite teachers to speak with them about their budgets, roles and decision making processes within the school, to gain a better understanding of how our school runs. For example, the Minister for Health and Fitness would speak with Mr Cuzner to investigate the kind of equipment we can buy and the kind of decisions he has to make relating to budget and demand. This meeting would only last about 5 minutes but the Minister would then report back to Parliament about their findings.


Individual classes regularly debate whole school issues that they consider unjust or in need of change and their Parliament representatives, chosen by them annually, bring these grievances, ideas or queries to our meetings. Occasionally, staff request that the School Parliament discuss preferences for specific things (eg the colour of the new toilets) once discussed, and answers or solutions are suggested, Mrs Butcher may bring some of these ideas to the attention of Mrs Ryder who carefully considers the proposals. All answers are reported back to the Parliament and hopefully resolved. The MP’s then report back to their own classes.


New prospective teaching staff are also interviewed by our School Parliament, and afterwards, express their preferences, supported by constructive reasoning as well as personal opinions.


MP’s are encouraged to have an understanding of the decision making processes involved with the successful running of a happy, healthy Primary School in today’s modern, technological world.


Keeping every citizen happy is not an easy task, nor is seeing things from another person’s viewpoint!


Thus, Parliament members are encouraged to explore rules and established processes and their importance if a democracy is to be maintained. Hopefully, they will learn that their job isn’t always as easy as it looks and that rules and safety are of paramount importance when considering change of any kind.


Mrs J. Butcher

School Parliament Leader.

Our Connect Parliament Meetings!

Our school Parliament Representatives from years 5 & 6 have been lucky enough to get together with the other schools in our MAT on a monthly basis. Although, we are still deciding on a name for our group,  we have voted for the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson. Understandably, Manadon are very proud that after her persuasive speech at the second meeting, Mia Adelsee, was voted to be  the Chairperson! Wow! Congratulations to Mia!

All the representatives from  the schools involved were able to collaborate throughout team building challenges and all the staff were very impressed with their maturity and resilience. 


Our 'Making a FilmTrailer' at Widey Court Primary School!

What an exciting morning we experienced at Widey Court this month! Our Parliament members from years 5 & 6 were involved in making a film trailer for the book 'Man on the Moon' for year 1 children to enjoy. After becoming familiar with the book, the children had to organise themselves into groups, suggesting ideas,designing each frame and then make the film using a green backdrop on which to select a range of different backgrounds from an App using I-pads. It was great fun as our photos show! Some groups realised that if their bodies were hidden by the green cloth, their head would look like it was 'floating!' There was a huge amount of exciting learning and great fun as each child dressed up and tried to follow the plan for our trailer. It was a very successful shared learning experience that we shall not forget easily!

We can wait for the next meeting ! 


School Parliament Leader


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