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If parents require anything from the website as a paper copy, please call in to the school office and one of our administrators will be happy to help you.
If parents require anything from the website as a paper copy, please call in to the school office and one of our administrators will be happy to help you.
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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!


Teachers: Mrs Bettison and Mrs Scoles.


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Archer, Mrs Evans and Mrs Anderson.


PPA Teachers: Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Cowin.





General Information


Welcome to our Year 1 page. You will find all of the things you should need to know for the remainder of the school year.

Please feel free to contact the Year 1 team if you have something you wish to ask or would like to discuss. We have an open door policy and will see you as soon as possible. Please ask at the office if you would like to see us in person or would like to pass on a message.


Please see some general information below that will help your child in Year 1.


Book Bag:

All children require a book bag to store and transport reading books, spelling books and letters.


Water bottle:

A clear, labelled medium-sized water bottle with a sports-flip lid.

(To stop any spillage, please do not carry water bottles inside book bags)


Fruit & Snack:

All children in Year 1 will be provided with one piece of fruit per day from the school.

Please feel free to give children an additional healthy snack (clearly named) for their morning snack.


PE Days:

Indoor PE : Alternative Fridays   

Outdoor Games: Alternative Fridays 

PE Kit :  White shorts & T-shirt, trainers or plimsolls

          No need for a tracksuit as we still get outside in Winter with coats on    

                   Please make sure ALL PE kit and Uniform is clearly NAMED



Mrs Bettison and Mrs Scoles




Learning to make half past times

Learning to make half past times  1
Learning to make half past times  2
Learning to make half past times  3
Learning to make half past times  4
Learning to make half past times  5

Phonics - Split digraphs

Phonics - Split digraphs 1



Each week two or three books will be sent home in your child's book bag for your child to read, please make comments regarding reading in each reading record. There is an extra book that is chosen from the schools library which is taken home and changed weekly.

(Please note, we only allow your child to change this book once it is returned.)

Curriculum Overview


Throughout the school year, Year 1 will be covering a variety of topics, please see below each topic and when they will be covered.


Autumn Term 1   : All about Me!

Autumn Term 2   : Celebrations and Festivals!

Spring Term 1     : Robots!

Spring Term 2     : Whatever the Weather!

Summer Term 1   : Amazing Animals!

Summer Term 2  : Happy Holidays!


Our topic this term- Happy Holidays!’



In English we will be looking at imaginative writing and Simon James stories.


In Maths we will be revising the key objectives from this year and then challenging the children by exploring these through problem solving.


In Science the children will be working scientifically, planning and carrying out a variety of experiments.


In Geography we will be comparing the human and physical geography of Plymouth with that of an area in The Gambia, Mrs Cowin will be sharing her first hand experience of life in The Gambia.


In Art we will be making sand sculptures and sketching shells.


In IT we will continue to develop keyboard and mouse skills while creating, editing and saving documents.


In RE we will be learning about Judaism.


This term we will have a year 1 music day, the children will take part in a variety of dances from around the world.


Our Sports Day is scheduled for Tuesday June 19th – please make sure your child’s PE kit fits and is complete. Please also make sure your child has a water bottle and sunscreen/hat if needed.




In Year 1, understanding Phonics is key to every child's learning. To assist your child, we have put links to show all of the different phonic sounds that your child learns throughout the year. Also, we have put links to the high frequency and tricky words, which your child is expected to learn this year. When reading at home, please ask your child questions related to the story, here are some suggestions.


Your child will also have spellings to learn each week, please encourage the correct letter formation.



Key performance indicators:


  • Counting to 110 from 0 or any given number
  • Counting in 10's to 100
  • Counting in 2's to 20 
  • Counting in 5's to 50 
  • Counting back from 110 to 0 
  • To read numbers to 100 in numerals
  • To write numbers to 100 in numerals
  • To write numbers to 20 in numerals and words 


The children will be tested fortnightly on the challenge chair, Good luck and have fun!


Challenge Chair! 


31.10.17   Counting  from 0 to 20 and back

13.11.17   Counting in 2's to 24 and 10's to 100

27.11.17   Letter formation a-z

08.01.18   Saying the alphabet

15.01.18   Naming 3D shapes

22.01.18   Number formation

05.02.18   Counting in 5's

19.02.18   Counting to 110

26.03.18  One more and one less

16.04.18   Count back from 110

04.06.18   Reading the year 1 common exception words







Year 1 common exception words

Picture 1