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Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who took the time to speak to the Governors at our Parents Evenings
Thank you to all the Parents and Carers who took the time to speak to the Governors at our Parents Evenings
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Year 5

Updated 2.7.17

Welcome to Year 5

Manadon Mental Health Project


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you are already aware, this year the whole of the school community has been promoting the positive mental health of our children.  

There are two main aims of this project:

  • To promote the message that we all have mental health and need to look after it, just like the rest of our body.
  • To help the children develop an understanding of the ways in which they can maintain their mental health.

During the week beginning 10th July we will be collapsing the curriculum and focusing on Mental Health.  On Monday and Tuesday we will be having professionals in from Children’s and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) to deliver assemblies encouraging children to do 5 things each day which makes them happy, therefore maintaining their mental health.


In class we will be undertaking a range of activities including: yoga, learning traditional games, creating mandalas, doing a mile a day, sharing books, having a disco on the field and focusing in on their ‘5-a-day’.


On the Monday we will be having a ‘Wear your slippers in class day’. The media and trials in schools have shown that wearing comfortable footwear can have a positive impact on learning.  Please can you ensure your child brings to school a pair of slippers on that day or comfortable footwear, which they can change in to in class.  They will need to wear their normal school shoes to school, as they will need to wear them at playtimes.


We would be delighted if you were able to join us for yoga on the school field from 8.45am on Wednesday 12th July.  When you arrive in school that morning, please can you accompany your child to the field, where they can find their class teacher and join in with the session.  Please ensure you are wearing comfortable clothing so that you can join in alongside your child.


Some staff will be bringing their dogs into school on Thursday 13th July.  Research by a number of organisations has identified that pets can have a positive impact on mental health. Just by stroking, sitting next to or playing with a pet can give owners a chance to relax and calm their minds. During the day these dogs will be visiting each class room for a short period of time.  Please can you let your child’s class teacher know if they have any allergies or if you have any concerns.


To round off the week we will be inviting the children to come into school in mufti on the Friday, wearing something that makes them happy.  In return we will be asking for a donation of £1 to support funding future work in school on Mental Health.


If you have any queries please do not hesitate to speak to myself or your child’s class teacher.


Kind regards


Mrs Jane & the Year 5 Team

General Information


Welcome to the Year 5 page. You will find all of the things you should need to know for the year.


Your teachers in Year 5 are Mr Easterbrook and Mr Cuzner. Mrs Mitchell is our teaching assistant.

Year 5 is a very challenging year and involves the children taking greater responsibility for their own learning. Despite this we are very keen to work together as a partnership, with the children, parents, teachers and school all working together to help us 'to be the best that we can be'.

Please feel free to contact the Year 5 team if you have something you wish to ask or would like to discuss. We have an open door policy and will see you as soon as possible. Please ask at the office if you would like to see us in person or would like to pass on a message.


Thank you,


Mr Easterbrook, Mr Cuzner and Mrs Mitchell


Home learning

  • The children will be given spellings based around the expectations of their year group. They will have a suitable number based upon their ability level.
  • The children are expected to read regularly throughout the week, with parental completion of the reading record. This should indicate when and how much the children have read. It would also be helpful to include a very brief comment on any problems or successes from the activity.
  • Maths homework is set on a Tuesday for both sets. It is due in on Thursday.
  • English homework is set on a Friday for both sets and is due in on Monday.
  • Our expectation is that the children should be able to complete their homework on their own.


PE Kit and days

  • Monday gymnastics kit - white shorts and plain t-shirt. Trainers may also be needed.
  • Tuesday (5C) & Wednesday (5E) games kit - long sleeved plain BLUE football top, white shorts, BLUE football socks, trainers and football boots. Shin-pads are not necessary.
  • Thursday gymnastics kit - as Monday


Planning Days

  • Mrs Birrell and Mrs Cowin cover Year 5 every other Thursday. During these sessions the children are taught Dance, RE and literacy skills.

Year 5 Term overview


  • Autumn Term 1:  Vicious Vikings & Super Saxons
  • Autumn Term 2: The Mysterious Cities of Gold - The Ancient Mayan Civilisation


  • Spring Term 1: We are Space Explorers
  • Spring Term 2: We are Space Explorers


  • Summer Terms 1: The Circle of Life - Lifecycles of plants and animals
  • Summer Terms 2: Changing Me - Puberty and body changes

Topic: The Circle of Life


This term we will be learning about LIFE CYCLES.


Our learning this term will involve finding out how plants and different animal species reproduce. We will be studying the life cycle of flowering and non-flowering plants to start with, followed by how mammals, insects, reptiles and birds, and amphibians reproduce.


In the second half term we will be looking at humans and the changes from birth through to death. This unit of work is  very important as it will help to prepare our pupils for puberty. It also allows them to ask questions without needing to be embarrassed.


In our experience, many children are entering puberty earlier and while parents will most likely have discussed the specific changes their own children will experience, we will be covering body changes in boys and girls as a whole class. The children will be encouraged to ask questions, which we will answer in a sensitive and factual manner.


If you have any questions about what we will be covering, please feel free to contact any member of the Year 5 team.


Current learning

To finish this term we are looking at playscripts. The children will be looking at the various conventions and skills needed to perform short plays to each other.



Regular reading at home is essential. The children should be heard reading aloud at least 3 times per week, even for those children who are free-readers. Discussions between the child and the adult are key to helping to improve and develop their understanding but also allows the children to work on their expression when reading aloud. 


Free readers may read anything they like but we would like you to always have a challenging fiction book on the go at all times.


Children on the reading scheme must read their scheme books but can also add any additional reading you have done (non-fiction, magazines, other books etc).


Each child has their own reading record and these need to be completed with three adult signed entries per week, indicating when the child read, what they read and anything that arose from the discussion. If the record has been misplaced or left at school, the entries should be completed on a piece of paper, which can be stuck into the book.



Spellings will be handed out on a Monday and tested on the Friday of the same week. We will teach the spellings patterns and rules throughout the week. These are to be found on the spelling section below.



Throughout the week we will ask the children to practise their spellings through handwriting.

Part of the new curriculum expects all children to be joining their handwriting.




In Year 5, the expectations in maths have changed significantly. ALL children are expected to know their times tables, up to 12x12, by heart and with instant recall, by the end of Year 4. The new curriculum focuses heavily on calculation strategies, particularly for multiplication and division, so it is essential that the children work at learning these at home. They are a key skill which they will use throughout their lives.


We are having a huge push on our times tables at the moment as it forms a key part of what we must know to move forwards in our learning. We would really appreciate any help with the learning of this key skill please. If you need some help with suggestions, please see the resources below or come and ask one of the team for some support.


Code Club GhostBusters project

To open your project you will need to download the .ZIP file and find your own name. Extract that file to the desktop on your PC.

Open Scratch and then go to Create and upload your file to Scratch (as we always do in school).

You should then be able to see your creation.