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Dear Parents and Carers,
We hope you had a good time celebrating VE Day on Friday and have enjoyed seeing all the photographs you have sent us - it was lovely to see so much artwork and baking!  We also hope you have been getting on ok with your sealife booklets and look forward to seeing them at the end of the week.  If you feel your child needs to spend more time working on doubling and halving before you move onto this week's maths (sharing), then please feel free to continue focusing on that. 


Please continue sending us work so we can put in on our blog and try to make sure that you are hearing your child read

Take care everyone,
The Foundation Stage Staff

Non-Fiction - Life in the Ocean

Online books: This is the second week of our block of work on non-fiction looking at life in the ocean. 

We had been planning to take the children on a trip to the National Marine Aquarium as part of this topic – the websites below may help you to recreate that experience over the next few weeks - please note we are not expecting you to use them all!

  • Day 4/5 (following on from last week’s sessions) We have more non-fiction texts to look at this week - let your child lead you with what they would like to find out about (please remember some of them take a while to download!). The following two texts may give you more ideas about creatures that you might like to research or (the second text is much easier).
  • Look at this online book to find out lots of interesting facts about sharks.  You can also use the National Geographic folder to find out about different shark breeds (see pdf files) or check out their website.
  • Alternatively, if you want to find out about really unusual creatures living down in the depths, have a look at this!
  • Continue with writing activity throughout the week. Encourage your child to read it back to you as they are writing so that they remember what they wanted to say. Make the book cover and put it all together.  We are really looking forward to seeing them - maybe you would like to film your child reading it and send it to us for the blog!

Sharing into groups to solve a word problem

  • Recap on splitting amounts in half (covered last week).  How many groups are you splitting your number into (2)?  Introduce sharing into different groups to solve some word problems together. Use counters or objects to support them practically. You could use the Magic Maths pdf/PowerPoint or Home challenge pdf start you off. Maybe start with sharing between two people and then increase how many they are sharing between if you feel they are confident. You can also introduce using drawings to help find the answer.
  • Watch this clip and discuss when we might need to share objects equally.

Activities you could try over the week:

  • Set up a teddy bears picnic and share different amounts of ‘sweets’ between them.
  • Draw or make some ice creams and practise sharing cherries on the top.
  • Get out some play food and share between soft toys, dolls, superheroes etc…
  • Select the movable objects option in the middle – please note, the children do not need to recognise or use the division symbol at this stage.
  • Make some play-doh biscuits and share them out amongst the family. You could draw a picture of everyone including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to increase the numbers of people to share between.
  • Look at the Fairy Tale sharing PowerPoint together.  Move onto using the challenge cards to solve some word problems.

Understanding of the World

Expressive Art and Design

Expressive Art and Design 1
Expressive Art and Design 2
Have a go at making your own aquarium window!

Physical Development