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Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you have had a good holiday and that you are all well and safe.


Below there are details of some of the tasks that we would have been completing with your children if we were in school.  Our topic for this term is 'Life on the Ocean Wave' and we will be focusing on pirates for the next couple of weeks.  We are trying to cover as much of the work that is practical for you to do at home as is possible - please don't try and cover it all if you find it is overwhelming.  This term is usually key for Foundation Stage and our main focus would be on writing.  If you find you need to only focus on one thing then please try to prioritise this area if possible!  If your child chooses to carry out some other writing then that is great and we would love to know about it.  Our Blog is now up and running for you to send work to us - please let us know if you do not want it to be published.  We are also interested to hear about any other learning experiences - imaginative play, growing seeds, using technology etc. as this would normally be part of what would include in our Learning Journeys.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Love from the Foundation Stage Staff



Literacy 1

Book of the week: 

'My Granny is a Pirate' by Val McDermid


Suggested activities:

*Read or watch the story 

*Talk about what you would look like if you were a pirate.  If you have any pirate books or can look for pictures on google, it would be

  helpful for them to have a bank of images to look at.  What are the common features (eg. hat, hook, eye patch etc.).  What would

  you choose to have?

*Writing task – download the sheet below and ask your child to draw themselves as a pirate in the box.  Demonstrate writing in

  sentences about their pirate using their ideas – eg. My pirate name is Captain Jim and I have a ship called ‘The Black Pearl’.  I have

  stripey trousers and black boots etc.  This will give your child an opportunity to collect ideas together.  Remove the writing that

  you have done together and ask them to have a go by themselves – make sure they have sound mats to use as they need.  You can

  support them by asking them what they want to say and reminding them as they keep going.  There is an extra sheet for those

  children who have lots of ideas but this is not expected - quality is more important. They should be sounding out the words as much

  as possible but you can help if they start to become discouraged!



Money – Making totals using coins

*Coin rubbings using crayons and coins under the paper - identify each coin and their value. How many 1ps are the same as…..?

*Set up a role play shop with toys you have/snacks etc. Make a menu/price list/labels for each item (start with prices under 10p). Using coins, children to make totals to buy each item.  Which amounts do you have to make rather than have a coin for (eg. 3p)? Start with 1ps, then move on to 2ps and 5ps if ready. Get the children to tap each coin for the right amount when they are counting (eg. 2p coin gets 2 taps).

*Extra challenge - You could give them a set amount to spend on their snacks each day – can you keep to your budget?

*Easter shopping sheet – print the sheet and ask your child to find coins to pay for each item.  You can vary the difficulty by limiting their choice of coins – give them a handful of 1ps to begin with and move on to other choices gradually if they are ready.  This will vary for each child so you will need to judge which level they are working at. They can draw around and label each coin to record their work. Once on the menu choose; counting, 1p to 10p

Physical Development

Understanding of the World & Expressive Arts and Design

*Design your own Treasure Map – see PowerPoint below for introduction