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Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you have all had a restful week and enjoyed the sunshine.  As you already know, some of you will be returning to school this week and some will be staying at home.  We will be setting work for Home Learning that matches what is happening in school as much as is possible.  As the Yr F children are not back in school until Thursday, we will not be planning phonics this week as we need to try and assess where the children are.  Please feel free to go back to any previous activities that your child might benefit from re-visiting.


We are also aware that everyone may be feeling a little anxious about the next few weeks so we are taking a break from our usual Literacy plans and will be focusing more on PSED this week and thinking about emotional well-being.  These activities will also be covered in school, so if your child is returning on Thursday you may wish to leave these and focus on the Maths instead.


We will be looking at 'Tiddler' next week.

Take care everyone,
The Foundation Stage Staff

PSED / Communication & Language

PSED / Communication & Language 1

Book of the Week: 'Silly Billy' by Anthony Browne


  • Read or watch ‘Silly Billy’ together about what might make you feel worried. What do you do if you are worrying?  Who do you talk to?  What did Billy make to help him if he is feeling worried?  How could we make our own worry dolls? (See EAD activity)
  • Later in the week you might also want to look at ‘Under the Mask’ by Emma Cahill.  This is a gentle story looking at people’s feelings when dealing with coronavirus.

Recognising and ordering to 20 and then if ready, Finding one more/less than any number (please check targets on reports if you’re not sure!)

Activities to try this week:

  • You will need to judge where you feel your child is up to.  Some children are still working on recognising and ordering numbers up to 10, some to 20 and some beyond.  Start with a number hunt – hide number cards around the house, ask your child to identify each one as they find it, collect them all and then order.  You can extend this activity to just using a set of random numbers (up to 10 cards) if your child is confident with ordering up to 50 and then ask them to order smallest-largest.
  • Play and identify the correct number (you will need to set which level is right).
  • Choose ONE from the following:
  1. Order lollipops to 10 (pdf)
  2. Order fish to 20 (pdf)
  3. Add missing numbers up to 50 (pdf)
  4. Add missing numbers up to 100 (pdf)
  • If you feel your child is confident with finding numbers up to 20 you could then move onto finding one more/less.  Most children develop the skill to find one more first as they find it easier counting forwards.  It is fine to just focus on ‘more’ for this week.  If they are confident, you can introduce ‘one less’.  They will need to practise counting backwards first!  Have a look at the home challenge sheet for initial ideas (pdf).
  • Useful songs:

Understanding of the World

Find out about where worry dolls come from.  Where is Guatemala on a world map?  How long do you think it would take for us to get there?  Can you find out what language people in Guatemala speak?  Can you find out where the idea of ‘Worry dolls’ came from? is useful if you need geographical facts!

Expressive Art and Design

Expressive Art and Design 1
After reading 'Silly Billy', make some dolls. Look at for different ideas.

Physical Development

Visit the Cosmic Kids Zen Den to look at mindfulness and calming exercises.