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Dear Hedgehogs and Squirrels,


We have put some activities together for you to work on with your grown-ups at home this week.  Just try your best and don't worry if you don't get through it all.  We are sure you will be very good at teaching your parents!


We miss you all,

Love from the Foundation Stage Staff



Book of the week: 

'What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday' by Julia Donaldson


Suggested activities:

*Read or watch the story on 
*Comprehension - discuss story events - how did the ladybird help? Etc.
*Smallworld – collect together any toy animals/puppets etc. you have at home – can you re-tell the 

  story together?
*Writing – Choose one sheet with speech bubbles – what are the characters saying to each other?

  Ask your child to have a go at writing by themselves (you can model the sounds and ask them to

  find the graphemes on the sound mats if they are stuck).



*Use matching fingers on each hand to introduce the concept (see pdf).
*Make or use the ladybird sheets to add spots to demonstrate doubles.  If they are finding doubles up to 10 easy then there is another resource to use up to 20.
*Paint spots on ladybird pebbles.
*Sing your doubles!