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Dear Parents and Carers,


This is the last week we will be using 'The Singing Mermaid'.  We hope you have enjoyed developing your circus skills!


Please continue to read as much as possible using


Take care everyone,

Love from
The Foundation Stage Staff


Mrs Ryder's Assembly

Book of the week: 'The Singing Mermaid' continued.


  • Day 1 Remind your child about the story we read last week.  Look at the pdf showing pictures of different merpeople. Explain we are going to imagine we are on a beach (you could use to illustrate this) when a mermaid is washed up onto the sand.  What would you talk about? What can you see/hear/smell etc. List your child’s ideas so they can look at them again tomorrow.
  • Day 2 Look at your list of ideas from yesterday.  Show your child the word file (mermaid writing frame) and discuss what they could write to describe the beach using each sense.  There are two writing frames to choose from - the easiest is the first one.  If your child has picked this up easily you could push them on by encourage them to add more descriptive language.

Counting in groups of 2, 5 or 10

  • We are re-visiting counting in groups this week.  We covered this in the week beginning 18.4.20, so you may want to re-visit that page and use some of the resources if you feel your child would benefit from revising or working on the next stage covered during that week.  If your child still needs to practise these skills then please don’t feel you have to move on to the problem-solving activities.
  • To begin with, please go back over some of the songs we used before (see below).  If your child was confident with 10s last time, please move on to counting in 2s.  If they were working on 2s last time, please move on to counting in 5s.  If they were confident with counting in groups generally then you are ready to move onto solving problems.


Counting in groups of 2, 5 or 10 to solve problems – for those who are ready

  • Day 1/2/3 – You may want to focus on just one of these pages or use a combination of the activities – please don’t try and complete them all!

  • Problem solving by counting in 10s:

        Please work through this page – there are a number of activities on it so please   

        spread it out over a few days.​​​​​​​

        Please work through this page – there are a number of activities on it so please       

        spread it out over a few days.

  • Day 4/5 – Introduce the idea of counting in different amounts to solve a problem by watching

    Start off with a simple word problem eg. ‘There are 10 sweets in each bag, how many sweets are there altogether if I have 4 bags?’  Demonstrate drawing pictures to solve the problem.  Continue by setting more word problems and seeing if your child can solve them by drawing pictures or using objects to count.  Try and encourage them to count in groups rather than counting in ones.


    EXTENSION: If your child is confident you could see if then can complete the simple word problems (word file).


Activities you could try throughout the week



Interactive games:

Challenge cards (word files)

Expressive Arts and Design

Still image for this video

Understanding of the World

Missing mermaid scales - waterproof investigation        

Show your child the pdf – the mermaid needs some new scales to replace the ones that she has lost.  Can you find some materials around the house to test?

Physical Development

Continue practising the circus skills we started last week.