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Dear Parents & Carers, 


Welcome to your last week of Home Learning!  We are focusing on using the film 'Finding Nemo' this week and our activities are built around this.  We are very much looking forward to seeing lots of you in school next week to say goodbye and then meet your new Year 1 teacher.  Please make sure that you know if you are in Bubble 1 or 2 (see email) so that you know which days to attend. 


If you are planning to stay at home, that is completely fine - we had included a PSED activity for you so that you are still able to focus on transition and change.


We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you and goodbye to you all - we have very much appreciated all the emails and messages throughout the last difficult few months and have missed you all.  We hope you have a restful summer holiday and wish you and your families well as you move on into Year 1.


Take care everyone and we hope to see you as soon as is possible.


Lots of Love,

Mrs Kimberlee, Mrs Coupland, Miss Ranjbar, Miss Lewis, Mrs Harris, Mrs Voden and Mrs Stanton



Mrs Ryder's assembly

Day 1 Watch 'Finding Nemo' – we will be watching this in school in segments this week and our maths is also linked to sea life.
Day 2 Use the puppet templates to re-tell the story (some of the puppets relate to 'Finding Dory', it doesn't matter if your child knows about this film and uses the ideas too - the purpose is for them to focus on using story language to recreate events).

Day 3 Nemo postcard (there are two to choose from).  Talk about what happened in the film – how does Nemo feel at the beginning of the story?  What about in the middle/end?  If he had sent a postcard to his Dad, what do you think it would have said?  Agree on what you want to write together then ask your child to have a go at writing by themselves – remind about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 



Day 1 Watch
•    What is a pattern? Where do we see patterns?

     Make sure your child understands that a pattern must follow at least one rule.
Day 2 Look at the repeating fish pattern sheet (pdf) – choose one that matches your child’s ability and cut/stick to

      complete the patterns.
Activities you could try throughout the week
• (You will need to choose which level)
•    Build different patterns using lego bricks, duplo, cars or any other toys.
•    Look at patterns you notice outside in the environment. What patterns do you 

     have on your clothes?
•    Creative fish patterns – see EAD task


  • Have a go at making your own fish pattern using the templates.
  • Try and make your own 3D Nemo model.

This activity is for the children who are not going to be back in school during the last week.   It is intended to try and help you to support your child as they get ready to prepare for going into Year 1.  You are welcome to look at it over the next couple of weeks or wait until later in August.

Session 1 - Begin by watching this story What do you think it is about?  How does the caterpillar feel? Why?

Session 2 - Look at the PowerPoint together and talk about it.

Session 3 - Complete the activity sheet (pdf) about moving in Year 1 together.  Discuss any worries together.  Remind your child about their worry doll if they have any worries and focus on the fact that there are many changes that we go through in life - what other positive changes have you already experienced?