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Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope you have had a good week, it has been a very busy one for us!  We were happy to welcome some of the children back into school and totally understand why there are also some remaining at home.  For those of you who are at home, there may be some changes to the way we deliver the learning over the next few weeks.  The staff spent some time assessing the children who were in school so that we can ensure that our phonics planning is hitting the level that it needs to.  Lots of the children need to go back and re-visit sounds that we have introduced over the past few weeks and our planning will have to reflect this.  This will ensure that everyone will be where they need to be for moving into Year 1. 

Love from
The Foundation Stage Staff


Mrs Ryder's Assembly 

Black Lives Matter 

If you are looking for material to help you talk to your children about current issues you may find this link helpful.

Book of the Week - 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson - we will be reading this for the next two weeks


  • Day 1 – Read the story ‘Tiddler’. Discuss the rhyme and pattern in language that you can hear. Make sure your child understands how Tiddler’s storytelling helps him to get home.
  • Day 2 – Use the file ‘why are you late’ (or paper at home) to make up a new reason for Tiddler being late. There is room to write or draw their ideas. If you are having trouble downloading the file go to the pdf and scroll to page 4!
  • Day 3/4 - Look at the pdf ‘Tiddler flipchart for home’ and word file ‘CL Tiddler plan’.  Follow the instructions for making up a ‘new version’ of Tiddler.  This is purely discussion/drawings to plan for writing next week.  It may be helpful for you to annotate the drawings so that you remember what your child said when you come back to it! The most important bit it is to emphasise the need for a beginning (Tiddler was going to school), middle (something bad happens to stop him) and ending (he escapes/gets rescued and arrives at school).  Don’t let them make it too complicated as it will make the writing task difficult next week!

3D shape

  • Day 1 - Recap on 3D shapes.  Use BBC Bitesize and watch the first two video clips. Ask the children to go on a 3D shape hunt around your house – look for a cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, pyramid (if you can find one!) etc.  Focus on the fact that the shapes are solid and not flat. You could use the 3D tally chart (pdf) while you are doing this, or use it to count shapes over the whole week. Alternatively, you could use the shape sorting sheets to collect lots of objects and them sort them into different groups.  The children need to be able to use mathematical vocabulary to describe the shapes (eg. round, flat, corner, edge, face, slide, roll) and try to remember some shape names.

Activities to try over the week:

  • Bingo games
  • Shape hunt – PDF checklist
  • Shape sorting – can use sheets or just mark out area – discuss properties as they sort.
  • 3d fish models (nets on pdf)
  • 3D shape home learning challenges
  • 3D shape puzzle (word file)
  • Maths challenge – make a robot using 3D shapes
  • 3Dshape quiz PowerPoint (you will probably want to use this at the end of the week)
  • 3D shape song:

Expressive Arts and Design

Expressive Arts and Design 1
Have a go at making a sea creature puppet using your handprint!