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Nature's Palette

This is a lovely art activity for a sunny week! We always love doing this in school during the summer term.


We are going to explore different greens in nature! How many different shades of green can you see and find?


The first stage is to collect as many natural greens as you can from your garden or maybe on a local walk...grass, leaves etc...

You don't need to pick huge leaves and please don't ruin your garden/the countryside!...just tiny leaves/parts of leaves are enough. The aim is to end up with a range of different shades of green - dark, light, bright etc.


Do this collecting stage with an adult, so that they can check that you are only collecting safe things, and remember to wash your hands very carefully afterwards. Don't touch anything if you don't know what it is - stick to grass and leaves. You could take pictures instead.


When you have a collection of a variety of 'greens', spread these out on a sheet of paper. You could stick them on if you have some glue. If you want to be really clever, you could draw a paint palette or paint box shape to stick them into.


Your challenge now is to use coloured pencils, crayons, pastels, paints, felt tips (whatever you have) to try to match the different shades of green as closely as you can. It is amazing how many different greens there are in nature!


You could also give your shades of green special names, like you would find on a paint chart - there are lot of examples on the flipchart/photos. 


How imaginative can you be, Year 6?