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Create a piece of lockdown family art!

There are so many words we could use to describe this current time…strange, odd, unusual, boring, special, scary, surreal…the list could go on and on!

However, one thing is for sure, however we describe it, it is most certainly a time that we will always remember! You, Year 6, will be telling your own future children and grandchildren about what it felt like when the world was in lockdown during spring 2020! You are a part of history in the making!


Friends of mine decided that they wanted to create a piece of artwork to commemorate (help them to remember) these weeks that they spent together when they weren’t going to school. This is a picture of the art work they produced together. Isn’t it lovely! They are going to put it up in a frame as a special memory of all the good parts of this current time – remember Mrs Ryder’s assembly about the things we are grateful for.


There are three of them in their family – mum and two sisters/daughters. Each of them drew around their hand on a scrap of material and carefully cut it out. Then, they stuck them overlapping each other to represent their time together. I love the words too.


You don’t need to have material/fabric for this activity – you could create your own ‘material’ by colouring/patterning/painting some paper first. You could use some newspaper from this time, with headlines about the pandemic – wouldn’t that be effective! You could even write your ‘5 things you are grateful for’ on the fingers/thumb. I know that you will have amazing ideas of your own too. If mums/dads are busy working, all you need them to do is to draw around their hand at some point, which will take one minute – you can prepare the paper and do the cutting out and assembling part!


Feel free to use a completely different idea of your own to create your family’s art memory – I know some people have already been very clever and used actual hand prints. You can use the same words as in the photo or make up your own title.


As always, we would love to see photos of some of your creations…they will give other children good ideas too!

Get those hands out and busy, Year 6!