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Assessments 29th June

End of Year Assessments


Congratulations, you have made it to assessment week! These are the assessment papers you would have done in school at the end of Year 5. 


Your task this week is to complete the 4 assessment papers and mark them. Over the Summer you can then practise any areas that you struggled with to be ready for Year 6.


Your scores are private and do not need to be shared. We are not collecting the scores, these assessments are for you to see which areas you need to continue practising.


Each paper should take approximately 1 hour. Maths/SPaG questions can be read to you. If you don't have a printer you can write the answers out on paper (this may mean there are one or two questions in the Maths Reasoning paper you can't answer, but the other papers should be fine). Don't try to do them all on the same day, spread them out across the week. 


Good luck and enjoy!