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Easter Holiday

Dear Hedgehogs and Squirrels,


Here are some suggested activities for those of you who would like something to do during the Easter holiday.  You should have had two weeks away from school, so please feel free to do as much or little as you like.  We will not be setting any phonic work. If you have the chance to read, please use Oxford Owl to access e-books. 


Take care,

Love from the Foundation Stage Staff


Find out about Easter!
*Make some Easter treats (cakes, chocolate etc.) with your family.

* Carry out an Easter egg hunt at home.

*Make an Easter basket (see pdf net)

*Have an Easter hat parade with your family (check out[]=easter%20hats%20for%20kids%7Cautocomplete%7C0 for ideas)

Book of the week: 

'The Odd Egg' by Emily Gravett


Suggested activities:

* Read or watch the story on 
* Hard boil an egg and see if you can paint a pattern on it.
* Can you think of any other creatures that could have emerged from the egg?

*What is a pattern? Remind your child that a pattern must follow a rule (could be colour or shape etc.). Use the Pattern PowerPoint or song.
*Can you design an Easter egg using a repeating pattern (sheet in pack)?
*Can you find different patterns around the house?
*Use the pdf to stick egg patterns on mega blocks/duplo and match them.