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The Day the Crayons Quit

The Day The Crayons Quit

This is a delightful, funny text for all ages!

Read the story using the powerpoint attached below.

Your task is to choose a colour and write your own letter to Duncan explaining why you are quitting.

Include your feelings, what has happened to make you upset or angry.



* Choose a colour that isn't in the book

* Explain how another colour has affected your feelings eg. White is never used and is feeling neglected so why don't you use that colour instead of always grabbing me from the box first?


You can draw an illustration to go with your writing.

There is also a printable writing frame if you want to use that too!

Send through a photo of your writing and we can make our own Year 6 Book/Slideshow.


Have some fun with this piece of writing - but remember that we will still be looking for those important success criteria items:

* clear sentence structure

* a range of punctuation   ;   :   -   ,  ()

* fronted adverbials and use of subordinating (WHITEBUS) and co-ordinating (FANBOYS) conjunctions

* first person

* informal language

* joined handwriting


Enjoy! We're excited to read your letters!