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This weeks English is based on another Giles Andreae story called Commotion in the Ocean. We have created some activities that mirror those in week one and given you a couple of reading comprehension tasks.

  • Session 1: We start the week exploring some different poems and actions that go with them.  Read each poem and practise using the actions.  The final poem has no actions....can you make some up yourself?  Send us a video of you acting out your version of the poem.
  • Session 2: Follow the link to listen to the story Commotion in the Ocean.  Look out for rhyming words and for words with the suffix ed. Can you make up actions for the animals?
  • Session 3: Enjoy the story again with another person reading it.  Can you use ed words to describe the animals?  Can you write a verse for a poem?  Using your best handwriting can you write up you poem and send us a copy for the class blog?  We have added some lovely animal paper for you to use.
  • Session 4 & 5:  We have given you a couple of reading comprehension tasks to complete.


Have fun and remember - email if you need us and please send photos and videos of your learning at home for our class blog to share with your teachers and your friends. 


Some spellings to practise at home.