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English 22nd June


Task 1 - Observational Photography/Drawing

This week, we would like you to go outside and explore! Your task is to go for a walk with your family and take a picture or complete an observational drawing of what you find. This could be of your favourite view, a plant/flower, a building, an animal - anything that interests and amazes you!

Whilst you are drawing take down some notes about what you can hear, see, smell, feel and taste. This will help you with task 2.


Tips on how to complete observational drawings are below. If you are unable to go for a walk, you could pick your favourite object within your home/garden.

Task 2 – Descriptive writing

Now you have completed your drawing and photography it is time for you to describe your picture. Take your time and be as descriptive as possible using the 5 senses. What can you see, hear, smell and taste? How does it feel being there? Don’t forget to fill your writing with expanded noun phrases, similes and metaphors.


Here are two example paragraphs.

Ham Woods:


The forest hums with life all around me. I twirl about, gazing up at the canopy, searching for the birds that sing sweetly. The sun breaks through the cracks, lighting up the dirt path ahead of me, decorated with outgrown roots, wildflowers and fallen leaves that crunch beneath my bare feet. I trudge on, taking in the fragrance of minty grass and the damp earth. Each breathe is like water, fresh and cleansing, flowing freely into my lungs.


Wembury Beach:



Stepping forward, I began my journey along the beach; idyllic, white and fresh. A small wave washed across the sand dissolving the remaining footprints of its inhabitants. The sun unveiled an invisible blanket of warmth around me. The clear blue waters reflected the grandiose of the majestic sky. The ocean was a shimmering sapphire. ‘Such a beautiful scene,’ I whispered to myself, while I awed at the beauty of nature. The seagulls, the blue-green sea, the clouds, everything around me appealed to me. 



Success Criteria

  • Describe the 5 senses - what can you see, hear, smell, feel and taste?
  • Include Expanded noun phrases – ‘clear blue waters’
  • Include Similes – ‘Each breathe is like water, fresh and refreshing’
  • Include Metaphors – ‘The ocean was a shimmering sapphire’
  • Check and edit for Punctuation – full stops, commas for lists, capital letters, semicolons.
Don't forget - send your observational drawing/photograph with your completed descriptive writing to your class teacher - we love to see what you are doing at home!