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English - Letter to your new teacher

English 6th July

Letter to your new teacher


For your final piece of English Home learning in Year 5, you have an important task. You need to write a letter to your new Year 6 teacher; Mrs Llewellyn or Miss York and bring it to school on the Monday/Tuesday that you are in.


Here are some ideas of what you can include in your letter:


- What interests you? What hobbies do you have/clubs do you do? (Sports, Music etc)

- Who are your best friends in class? Who don’t you work well with?

- What is your greatest accomplishment? (Thing that you are most proud of)


- What are your favourite subjects? What subjects don’t you like? Explain why.

- What was your favourite part of Year 5?


- What targets do you have for Year 6?

- What are you looking forward to in Year 6?

- Do you have any worries about Year 6?


- Is there anything else you want your Year 6 Teacher to know?


Remember, this letter will be private between you and your new teacher, so be honest! Use your best handwriting (typed and printed is fine) and language, you want to impress them.


Mr Griggs/Mr Williams will collect your letters on the Monday/Tuesday of next week and pass to them your new teacher. If you decide to type your letter and don't have a printer, we are more than happy for you to email us your completed letter and we will print it out for you in school.


Below is an example letter for inspiration!


Dear Mrs Llewellyn/Miss York,


I am really looking forward to being in your class next year. I have missed school and it will be nice to see all my friends again and to do lots of learning.


The first thing you need to know about me is that I love Sports. I go swimming 3 times a week and race on the weekends. My greatest achievement is when I earned a gold medal by winning the 50m Butterfly! I also love Music; my favourite artist is Ed Sheeran. My best friends are Joey and Ross, could they be any funnier? Although, I don’t work well next to them as I can’t concentrate. I probably work better next to Phoebe.


My favourite subjects are Maths and PE as I am really good at them. I don’t really like Science, as I find it a bit boring but I still try my best. My favourite part of Year 5 was the Falmouth Residential - it was so much fun!


In Year 6, my target is to improve my Science knowledge and my spellings. I’m really looking forward to being able to sit on the benches in assembly, I hope we will be allowed to do this at some point next year. I also can’t wait for SATs week! I am a bit worried about Science in Year 6 because it might take me a while to understand it.


The only other thing you should know about me is that I am quite forgetful and can’t ever find my pen or my homework! I hope this is ok.


I can’t wait for Year 6! Have a lovely Summer holiday.

Yours sincerely,