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English/PSHE 15th June



This week, we are going to focus our English to fit alongside the recent ‘Black Lives Matter’ international human rights movement you may have seen on the news.


Task 1

We would first like you to watch the following videos and to read the First News Paper to inform yourself of the recent events.

Task 2

For your Writing this week, we would like you to select an inspirational black man or woman to research and create a biography of their achievements. This biography could be handwritten, typed or be in the format of an informative poster or PowerPoint Presentation. 

Examples of people you could research are: Barack Obama, Usain Bolt, Serena/Venus Williams, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Mary Seacole, Nelson Mandela or Sadio Mane! 

We have added some example posters below and an example PowerPoint for you to use as a starting point for your research.

Success Criteria: 

  • Introduction, who are you writing about and why? Hook the reader in!
  • Main Body - 
    • Summarise the person's life in chronological order
    • Include key events of the person’s life
    • Include key influences of the person’s life
    • Include quotes from the inspirational person to portray their feelings/emotions
  • Conclusion – State your opinion, how and why will we remember this person?
  • Third person and past tense
  • Adverbials and conjunctions to link points
  • Pictures/illustrations of your inspirational person


Don't forget to send us your work so we can add it to the blog!