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This week,  we are thinking about bubbles!  As the lockdown rules begin to be relaxed and children are returning to school,  we wanted to support the children to understand how to keep themselves safe as things begin to return to normal.


Session 1:  Read the story ‘Coming Back to School in a Bubble’.  We will be discussing school the rules and things that they need to remember to keep themselves safe.  We realise this isn’t all relevant to children at home however you can use it to talk about how your child’s friends are keeping safe in school.


Activity:  Draw yourself in a bubble.  We have designed a bubble worksheet that the children can use to draw themselves in their bubble and write about how they can keep themselves safe.

Session 2: Watch Bubble Trouble by Margaret Mahy


Imagine you were floating away in a bubble. How did you get in there? Where would you go? What might happen? How would you get out? 

Activity:  Write a story about your bubble adventure.

Session 3: Reading Activity

Read aloud the story of ‘The Bubble Mystery’

Comprehension questions: - Which one is TootToot? – What kind of animal is she? – Why was she scared of the water? – What does ‘blop’ mean? – Do you know how bubbles are made? – What’s a mystery? – How is she feeling? – What was the solution?