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English/ Science

Welcome to a new week of learning adventures in Science and English.
This week we continue our learning about animals, focusing on pets. The two subject areas are again combined this week in both real life and imaginative ways. 
We have also done them again as a set of Suggested Activities, you and your child can do them all or as many as time permits. You may also want to spend longer on some than others, if an activity has really grabbed them. We are so aware that some of you are doing your very best to support your child’s learning while also continuing to go out to work, or to work from home, and we hope this approach will be more flexible for you.
For each activity there is an ‘Outline’ explaining the task and directing you to the accompanying resources (all numbered).  Please adapt as you need to. For example, you do not have to print off the reading comprehension questions for your child to complete. Read the questions through with your child and then he/she can record their answers on any paper. If you feel it more appropriate for your child, you can record his/her responses, keeping the full focus on understanding skills rather than writing skills. 
Have a great week!

Please see below resources to support each of the activities:

Formidable Sid | Twinkl Originals Children's Book Reading

Today's story is 'Formidable Sid'. Violet can't wait to introduce her classmates to her pet, but is Sid really the monster Violet says he is? Listen to the s...

Dear Zoo read by Justin Fletcher | CBeebies Bedtime Stories

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The Great Pet Sale

The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen. Which animal will I buy in the pet shop sale? Find out what is for sale and which animal follows us through the whole story.