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Manadon Vale's 100 challenge!


As discussed in the daily connect video please print the 100 square below which you can use to record how many of your chosen activity you have completed! Good luck!

MATHS - Subtract 2 fractions

Activity challenge

MILD - Complete questions 1-3 and then questions 5 and 6 on the activity sheet.

SPICY - Complete the whole sheet.

HOT - Complete all the sheet, and then the TRUE or FALSE activity.

Additional challenge - There is an extra sheet this week as some of you found the activities didn't challenge you enough.


Today we are exploring the theme of 'fitting in'. 


When Mr Byrne-Smith asks you to write an answer to the question 'Why might this event make it harder for Jeff to fit in?' can you write this down for me please using the sentence starter he gives you. Hot - please give as many reasons as you can thinking about your paragraph being a coherent piece of writing. Please don't write a list! 


Hot - at the end of the lesson, My Byrne-Smith asks you to answer the question, 'Why is fitting in an important theme for a book aimed at school children?' can you write me an answer using a full sentence? Spicy and Mild - can you discuss with an adult at home?


This week, we would like you to try the below challenges. Each link introduces a different exercise and you can watch the child in the video do the exercise. This means you are now ready to try the challenge yourself! Take a note of all your scores and then submit them in to the PE assignment on Teams. Would be great to see how well you do! Good luck!


All you need is a couple of pairs of socks and four bits of paper.....

DT/History - Tudor Jumble Biscuits

We are going to be making Tudor jumbles. These were a basic recipe that were supposed to be a favourite of Henry VII and were also known as Bosworth Jumbles.

You will need to follow the recipe for these but there are several alternative recipes online if you wish to try a different version. Please share your pictures with us and tell us what you thought of them.