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Word of the Day - Instrumental

Can you write a sentence making sure you include the word of the day. Spicy and Hot - can you then re-read your sentence and identify the word class of each of the different words you have used.


Word of the day - 

Definition -

Sentence -

Maths - Calculating quantities

Activity challenge

MILD - Complete questions 1-4 on the activity sheet.

SPICY - Complete the whole sheet and the True or False sheet.

HOT - Complete all of the main sheet, and then as much of the HOT challenge activity as you can.


In this lesson, we will be focusing on the opening scene in an episode of 'The Borrowers'. We will plan our ideas and generate vocabulary that can be applied to our writing. Miss Salter refers to sentence openers throughout the lesson...from our Jabberwocky learning we know these are fronted adverbials which give us more information about the verb in the sentence. They tell us how, when and where things are done.  


When Ms Salter asks you to wrote a complex sentence, please do the following:


Mild - write one, using Ms Salter's example to help you. 

Spicy - write one complex sentence however write the sentence out twice. The first with the subordinate clause being first and then with the subordinate clause being second. 

Hot  - as spicy however write two different complex sentences.


Our next dance unit will be moving to a different part of the world. In this unit we will be exploring the Haka and a traditional Mauri dance. The first few sessions will be focussing on the Haka. The Haka was traditionally performed to intimidate the opposition in battle - a modern example can be found at the beginning of All Black's rugby matches. It includes fierce facial expressions and aggressive arm movement. Before starting the session, check out the link below to get inspired! When you are ready, follow the instructions below:


Warm Up

Ask an adult to put on some music, can you walk/run around the room doing the movements below at least twice?


1. Stamp the feet

2. Body percussion - slap/clap/stomps to make noise

3. Jump the legs out wide then back in again

4. Wobble the knees in and out


When you are warm, have a go at the movements below, make sure you are making the movements as aggressive as you can and your facial expressions are fierce just like the All Blacks.

DT - Bread - The history of Warburtons

Please use the PowerPoint (or PDF) to learn about Warburtons. You can follow this up by finding out some other facts about the company if you wish.

You will need to complete the timeline activity. Please try the HOT 3* challenge. You can just copy the events into your books, saving you printing them.