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Oak Academy – To write a vivid description (part 3)

In this lesson, we will take a third key scene in the story and write it with a focus on making the description vivid to paint a clear picture for the reader.

Mild challenge – To use the five senses in your vivid description

Spicy challenge – To use all parts of your toolkit in your vivid writing description

Hot challenge – Self assess your writing by adding small ticks to your toolkit to show what you have included. Read each part of your writing back using expression.


White Rose Maths – Children use their knowledge of 2-D shapes to identify the shapes of faces on 3-D shapes. To avoid miscounting the

faces children need to mark each face in some way. Children identify and visualise 3-D shapes from 2-D

representations. Cones should be described as having 1 face and 1 curved surface; cylinders as having 2 faces and 1 curved surface and spheres having 1 curved surface.

Mild challenge – Complete worksheet (Maths all)

Spicy challenge -Complete worksheet and Maths challenge spicy (true or false)

Hot challenge – Complete all of the above and the hot challenge sheet.


See the powerpoint about Kenya


Make a postcard- Draw a picture of something you might see in Kenya and then write to your family or a friend pretending you are in Kenya. What are you doing? What is the weather like? What animals have you seen?