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It is an especially great time to be learning about the Second World War with V.E. Day being commemorated with a special bank holiday on Friday 8th May (this Friday!)! What do the V and E stand for? Can you do some research about this part of the war and the key events leading up to it? 


Look at the power point (it is there in two formats to help you) to learn more about the events of World War 2 and Britain in the Blitz. 


Probably for the first time since the war ended, we have some personal understanding of what it feels like when the government need to make new national rules which restrict our normal way of life - just like people during the war, we had to adjust to a new routine very suddenly.


Have a chat with somebody at home about what they know about some of the 'rules' of the war eg blackouts, evacuees, rationing etc. You might even be lucky enough to have a grandparent/great grandparent, who has some childhood memories of the war or the years after (rationing continued for a few years after the war ended), you can ring up to chat to. Can you compare these wartime 'rules' and restrictions with current Lockdown ones eg social-distancing, one daily walk, home learning etc?


Can you find out some more information about rationing during World War 2? Which items were rationed?


When the schools first shut due to the Coronavirus crisis, it was difficult to buy some items in our own supermarkets. Can you remember which things, apart from toilet roll and pasta, were in short supply? We are desperate to have a go at making our own pizzas and bread in my house but still haven't been able to buy flour and yeast! Maybe your families have been luckier! Are you missing any favourite food still? 

Can you write/draw a 'rations' list for Lockdown - which items of food would you ration?


Can you design/draw your very own air raid shelter? Where in your house/garden would you build it? Which things would you put in there to help you to feel comfortable and to stop you getting bored?


World War 2 is such a fun and interesting topic!