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This week in history, you are going to learn about 'The Holocaust'. This is a very sensitive and horrific truth from history especially for Jewish people. This is not a made up story, it is true - it really happened and for this reason the horror remains. From the start of Hitler’s reign the Nazi Party built concentration camps. These were big prison camps to house political prisoners and objectors - people who didn’t agree with the Nazi regime or who tried to oppose Hitler. Conditions in the camps were extremely harsh and many prisoners died from the cold, starvation or illness. People were also killed.  We know about these camps from the accounts of people who were in them and also from the accounts, photos and live footage taken by soldiers who liberated the camps at the end of the war.

The camps were often referred to as death camps as Hitler and his closest colleagues designed a plan known as ‘the final solution’. Their plan was to kill all the Jews in Europe – to completely wipe out the race. They had engineers design gas chambers and crematoriums so they could gas thousands of people to death and burn the bodies very efficiently. Six million Jewish people are estimated to have been killed by the Nazis during WW2 - over half of these were killed in the camps.


So this week we would like you to record your research about a very infamous camp - Auschwitz. If you are reading or have watched 'The Boy in Striped Pyjamas', Bruno calls this camp 'Out With'.

There is a powerpoint attached, photos and a writing frame to use to present your work if you wish to print it out! The documents are in PDF format too!