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Following on from last week’s powerful holocaust learning, we are now asking you to immerse yourself in the life and story of Anne Frank.


She and her family were Jews living in Amsterdam during WW2.

Fearful for their safety, they went into hiding in a secret annexe.


Enjoy the resources below, in various formats, to learn more about their experience and her incredible diary.


Try to imagine what it must have been like to have been scared and in hiding for all that time. It makes our own Lockdown adventures, although restrictive, seem quite relaxed and fun in comparison!




Some of you may have already written some diary entries of your Lockdown experience when we suggested this a few weeks ago. If not, you could write a mini diary of your own ‘captivity’ now. Maybe make it more of a journal (you might be able to find an old notebook to use but loose paper is fine too). Think of it as more of a scrapbook than just writing. You could include sketches, photos, newspaper headlines/clippings, pressed flowers/leaves…Whatever you like!

What a wonderful momento you will then have from this strange time. You might be showing it to your own children/grandchildren in the future!



If you had been Anne and her family during WW2, where in YOUR house/school would you have hidden?

Can you draw a picture or a plan (pretend you are a bird looking down!) of the room/rooms/space.

How could you make it more secret – think of the ‘false’ bookcase.

Which most treasured possessions would you take with you, remembering that space is short so you can’t choose many items.


What an amazing story Anne Frank’s is. If you ever go to Amsterdam, be sure to visit the house where she hid…an amazing peep at one family’s personal WW2 history.




Anne Frank resources (in various formats to help you!)