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Key Information

Our School Vision

At Manadon Vale Primary School, we are a community of active learners.

We will be challenged and inspired on our journey to becoming responsible global citizens of the future.

We take every opportunity to be the best that we can be.


Our Aims:

  1. We are each part of a team, collaborating to achieve our best.
  2. We will be resilient, learning from our mistakes and life’s challenges, never giving up and seeing things through.
  3. We will encourage our natural curiosity, finding out about ourselves and exploring the world around us.
  4. We will understand how to keep our bodies and minds happy, healthy and safe.
  5. We will each reflect on our learning and take pride in all we do


We are proud to be a founding member of the Connect Academy Trust. Please click below to see the overarching values of the Connect Academy Trust. 

SEN Information Report

End of Year Results Summer 2019 (Please note - no End of Year Results for 2020 due to COVID 19)


Good attendance at school is vital for children to achieve their full educational potential. The Connect Academy Trust aims are:

  • To maintain at least good (above 96%) attendance,
  • To raise within the community the importance of good attendance,
  • To support the development of a consistent approach to managing attendance,
  • To exceed our attendance targets.


The Connect Academy Trust believes that:

  • It is every child’s right to an education
  • Good attendance is related to academic achievement and well being
  • Good attendance forms patterns for later life, so enabling pupils to become responsible citizens, and to achieve economic stability
  • Parents have direct legal responsibility for ensuring their child’s good attendance and punctuality
  • Pupils who are late miss vital learning, and often this affects the whole day
  • Decision making about the implementation of the policy is within the Headteacher’s sole jurisdiction


Our Attendance Expectations are as follows:

Excellent Attendance

98% or above

Good Attendance

96% to 97%

‘Yellow’ Attendance

93% to 95%

‘Amber’ Attendance

90% to 92%

‘Red’ Attendance

Below 90%


Please find below the Connect Academy Trust's Attendance Policy and the Attendance Ladder which shows the impact of absence on the number of days in school.   

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