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We are continuing with the online maths resource ' White Rose Hub - home learning'

Provided for this week, Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20th April), is a daily video covering a maths objective for Year 6. For each day of the week, watch the video clip then answer the questions that go alongside the daily video. Once completed, there is a mark scheme for you to check your answers.


As this is an online resource, you don't have to send through photos of work completed unless you really want to! It's up to you!


We now have some angles revision...

Click on the link below and then select 'Summer Term - Week 1 (w/c 20th April)' and there are five lessons - one for each day of the week!

The 'Four 4s' Investigation - an additional ongoing challenge to keep your brains mathematically active!

We made a start to this at school but you might like to challenge yourself to continue solving it! can be ongoing, set yourself the challenge of finding 5 or 10 new solutions each week!


Remember, you are allowed to use 4 squared equals 16 as one number 4

You are also allowed to use the square root of 4 equals 2 as one number 4

You are allowed to ignore place value (only on this one occasion ever!) 44 counts as 2 of your 4s

Remember that 4 divided by 4 (two 4s used) equals 1...this is very useful!


Good luck!...use the flipchart to see the different challenges. Maybe the whole family can get involved!