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Year 2 to Year 6 Mrs Ryder's assembly 8.2.21



Can I identify features of a newspaper report?

This week is all about newspaper reports. Today we are watching a video about the features of a newspaper and doing a mind map about facts we remember.

Mild: Do the activities on the video- ask an adult to help you remember 3 features of a newspaper & help with spellings.

Spicy: Do the activities on the video and find 5 features of a newspaper.

Hot: Do the activities on the video independently and find 7 features of a newspaper.




This week we are looking at statistics. Today's focus is building on Friday's learning about pictograms. Watch the video and remember to stop it to have a go at the activities.


Spr3.6.1 - Interpret pictograms on Vimeo


Mild: 1

Spicy: 2

Hot: 3



In French this week, we are learning how to count to 12 and how to say your age.


Counting to 12 and saying your age (



Select a today's PE with Joe video from the playlist.


PE With Joe | 2021 - YouTube

Class Reading -Kensuke's Kingdom

Don't forget to keep reading through this book at your own pace. We hope to finish it this week, but if you need longer, then you can use next week when it's half term to complete it!

Think about your favourite moments in this book- did you enjoy the ending? Would you have written a different ending? 

What did you want to happen? Were the characters believable ?

Reflect on your opinions and talk about it together with others who have read it.

When 'normal' school resumes, we can all see whether or not we agree with you!