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Ponics Lesson 46

Today's new digraph is the split digraph a-e, make a cake.

Todays activity is based around boxing up the different stages of the growth of a bean and thinking about the effect each stage has.  There are three levels of differentiation today.  MILD - asks children to cut and stick the images and words in the correct places in the boxing up grid.  SPICY - just provides the words. Children may wish to add a drawing to each one.  They may need support reading the captions.  HOT - asks children to independently complete the grid based on the information given in the video. 

There is no differentiation for today's lesson as it is a practical session (question 1 on the worksheet), making numbers with objects (lego bricks/pasta shapes/buttons etc). As this may not take too long, please spend time exploring the 50 grid, looking at patterns, rows and columns, finding numbers quickly and practising counting forwards AND BACKWARDS (much trickier) within 50.