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So, here is an activity to practise your rhythm skills! You can try it alone or with one or two other family members!


Read the rhythm square just as you read a page of a book - left to right, one line at a time, starting at the top!


Pick a colour of cross - red or blue! 


You need to clap whenever your colour cross is in the square but do nothing (we call this a 'rest' in music!) when the square is blank or there is a different coloured cross!


It is really important to keep the pulse/beat even through the 16 boxes - don't speed up or slow down!


It might help if somebody else keeps a steady pulse going for you - they could click their fingers, slap their legs or tap something!


Then try the other colour cross.


When you get confident, you are ready to try it in 2 parts! Get someone in your family to clap the other colour crosses!


If you want a real challenge, get a third person to clap on the blank squares and rest on the crosses! Good luck - you will all really need to concentrate!


Maybe you can be creative and use an musical instrument to play the rhythm square - this can be a real musical instrument or a home made one (a sauce pan and a wooden spoon make a great drum...just check that nobody in the house is asleep first!)


If you wanted to photograph or video your performance and email them, we would love to share it!


There is also a blank rhythm square ready for you to create your very own!


Have fun!

Rhythm Square

Rhythm Square 1
Rhythm Square 2