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Multi-Skills Challenge!


If we were at school, we would now be taking advantage of this beautiful dry weather to get you all outside in the afternoons and start training for Sports Day and Brickfields!


We can still do this training in our own homes, with just a little bit of imagination with resources – it is very important to stay fit and healthy during the lockdown anyway!


Multi-skills are physical skills which help your ability in various different sports – for example, if you work hard on them, they will help you to become a better footballer, rugby player, netballer, hockey player, cricketer, athlete and so on!... Clever, eh!


Don’t panic about not having access to our school PE shed with all of those resources in…the only equipment you need for your own multi-skills challenge are 4 pairs of socks!!!!! I do apologise to whoever does the washing! I hope you like Miss York’s jazzy socks?! These are normally safely hidden under my trousers! Good job, eh?!


So, your task:

Can you design a multi-skill activity (or a whole collection of them, if you want to get really fit!) using only pairs of socks as your equipment?

You will either need to set a length of time for the skill to be repeated or a set number of ‘goes’.

Make sure that there are clear rules – we don’t want any arguments!

Train at your event!

Aim to keep beating your highest score! Maybe set yourself a target score to achieve? You could return to your multi-skill daily throughout the week – I bet you will really see progress then!

How about getting any brothers and sisters involved too – you may need to adapt the rules/times/number of goes for them if they are younger! Be kind!...not too competitive! We certainly don’t want any tears!


Maybe you could get the whole family involved! Make sure that you are wearing appropriate clothes and footwear…especially with the grown ups (we don’t want any more broken legs!!!)!


Here are a few ideas in video clips  - you can use these or create your own new, better, versions!

I am still on crutches (but doing really well!) so I had to ask a helper!

On your marks, get set…GO!!!!!...

You will need!

You will need! 1
You will need! 2

Watch these video clips for some multi-skill ideas! You can hear Miss Y giggling in one of them!

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Multi 4.MOV

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Multi 5.MOV

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Multi Skills 2.MOV

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Multi Skills 1.MOV

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Multi 3.MOV

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