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The Eye


We are continuing from our recent light investigations to now looking at the eye and how we see.


Watch the power point (it is in 2 different formats) to learn the amazing science behind how we see this beautiful world that we live in. You might want to do some more research of your own.


Draw and label your own diagram to show the different parts of the eye. There are so many clever parts as well as the ones we normally talk about like the lashes and pupil! Our bodies are incredible!


Can you extend your learning by adding some additional information about some of the different parts and their purpose?


All of the information you should need is in the resources below.


After looking at the teacher version of how we actually see something, can you make your own version, choosing your own object?


The final sheet is an extra challenge if you'd like one! 


Remember, our eyes are so precious - don't ever look directly at the sun and try to protect your eyes with sunglasses/shades when you are outside on sunny days.