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Can you build a 'shadow tower' and use this to investigate shadows and how the Earth spins/rotates (even though it looks as though the Sun doesn't!) during the day?


You will need a sunny day - there are lots forecast this week so fingers crossed!


Watch the Power Point below to learn all about light, how it travels/reflects (building on last week's investigation) and how shadows are formed. It is there in various file forms to help you!


Build a tower in the morning - this could be from rolled up paper, card, newspaper, lego, bricks, junk/rubbish from packaging...just how creative and resourceful can you be?


Either place or build your tower in a sunny spot outside. Notice where the shadow falls and how long/short it is? If you have some chalk, you can draw around the shadow and label it with the time.


Keep going out to look at your tower and the shadow every hour throughout the day, noticing where the shadow is facing and the length of it - keep drawing around it if you do have some chalk. 


What do you notice?

Does the shadow 'move'?

Does the shadow change length? If so, when is it longest/shortest? Can you work out why this is?

Think back to your Year 5 Space learning to help you to work out what is really happening.

Light and Shadows

How are shadows formed?