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Summer 2 Week 2 - 8.6.20


With the current news focusing on the Black Lives Matter protests, and knowing how children may be asking questions about this very important issue, we would encourage families to watch the video clip from BBC Newsround that can help to explain what is happening and why. We also have the short video from Sky and First News that is also a great starting point for a discussion about what is going on.



This week we are going to introduce you to a new text, it is called A River by Marc Martin. We are super excited to do this book with you all as it is truly beautiful, we hope you enjoy it as much we do. As always, please complete the tasks in order as the learning progresses at each step.


1. Take a look at the two images on the PDF below. Can you complete likes, dislikes, patterns and puzzles for the images? Just a reminder what you need to think about for each heading...


Likes - what do you like about the images? What has caught your imagination? What about the images makes you want to read on?

Dislikes - what did you not like? What made you not want to read the book?

Patterns - is there anything about the images that reminds you of something else that you have seen? Are there any repeating patterns or colours?

Puzzles - what questions do you have about the book? Was there anything that intrigues you? Is there anything on these two images that surprises you?


2. Check out the story at the link below. Watch a couple of times as you may have missed some details the fist time around. 


3. Can you create your own page in the style of the pages in the book featuring the area around the dockyard in Plymouth? I have included some images in the PDF below to get you started and to give you some inspiration. Remember there isn't a lot of text on each page of the book so you don't need to include a lot of text but it does mean what writing you do do should be powerful. As always send us a picture of your learning as we will be so keen to see what you have created.


Good luck!


A River by Marc Martin

White Rose Maths Week 7 - Apologies but there was an error on the learning pack. Lesson 2 should be dividing 1-digit numbers. The correct file is at the bottom.

Year 4 - Week 7 - Lesson 1 - Tenths as decimals

Year 4 - Week 7 - Lesson 2 - Divide 1-digit by 10

Year 4 - Week 7 - Lesson 3 - Hundredths as decimals

Year 4 - Week 7 - Lesson 4 - Divide 1 or 2-digits by 100



This week we would like you to combine two pieces of learning that we have been working on over the past few weeks. At the very beginning of our learning in to rivers we asked you to research a world river of your choosing. Then we asked you to label a river with all its different parts, e.g. estuary. This allowed you to build up some lovely river knowledge and river vocabulary. This week we would like you to research our biggest local river, the river Tamar. Have the river naming activity at hand so you can use the vocabulary to level up your research. If you wish you can use the research factsheet below to get you started. You can create a poster, a leaflet, a fact sheet or just a piece of writing, whatever you like. As always if you have any questions please just let us know. Good luck!