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Summer Week 3- 27.4.20

Mrs Ryder Assembly 27 4 20



1. Read the Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Anderson. Practice reading it out loud, can you use good expression? Read it again in your head.


2. Read the 10 comprehension questions and answer them in full sentences. Once you have done this please talk these through with your adult at home. How did you get on? Did you get them all right? Discuss any you got incorrect and talk about where you went wrong.


3. Have a look at the picture called 'Garden Scene'. This is from a version of the story by Lauren Child. The Prince is talking to the King and Queen. What do you think they could be saying? 


4. Have a go at writing some speech. Look at the 'Dialogue Scene', make up some speech to include in the speech bubbles. If you can, write it on the picture, if not write it in the table below. 


5. Now write a paragraph of direct speech using the story as inspiration. We did Direct Speech rules a few weeks before we say goodbye to each other however we are aware a lot has happened since then so please check out the revision card with all the other attachments. I have also included a checklist (like our success criteria) that will make your writing successful.  Remember our lesson on 'said is dead'? Can you use your vocabulary skills to think of some better words than 'said'.


6. Can you get your adult to take a picture of your learning and send it to us so we can share it on the blog please? Please don't forget to comment on your classmates' learning. Any questions please don't hesitate to email Mr E or myself. 





Last week, we had some history learning, this week it's geography's turn! If we had been at school we would have been learning about rivers so we thought it would be a good idea for us to introduce the topic this week.


1. Watch the BBC Bitesize video at the following link: There is a second video further down the page which features some beautiful aerial photography if you want to see some of the world's rivers in their full glory. There is a quiz too which tests your knowledge on the first video if you are feeling confident. Go on....I challenge you....


2. Attached below is some information about different rivers around the world and a template which asks you to fill in different information on a river of your choosing. Choose your favourite river (or rivers) and fill in the blanks on the template. Use the world map at this link which tells you where these rivers are located so you can fill in that part of your template. Please don't worry if you don't have a printer or you want to organise your fact file differently to the template - that's absolutely fine! The template is there to give you an idea.


3. Take a picture of your learning and send it to us so we can upload to the blog! Remember to comment on your classmates' learning! It is so wonderful for us to read. 




Well done to those that are working hard on the Maths Rose learning. We use them lots in our lesson planning so we hope that you are finding the format and types of questions familiar. Well done to those that managed to complete all of the blocks so far this is great stuff  We are now on Week 2 - Summer.  For those of you that didn't manage this, not a problem, just continue to work through the weeks at your own pace. Remember to take photos of your learning - we really do love seeing it.




Art this week has been inspired by the retelling of the story The Princess and The Pea by Lauren Child. The photography of this features in our English learning this week where the characters are photographed in a miniature world that the artist has created.  Can you make your own miniature world? In the document below it details instruction and a 'what you need list'. Remember you don't need all of these things to make it work, just do your best with what you have around you, this is what life is like at the moment! Please take a picture and send them to us and we will upload them on to the blog.