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Summer Week 5 - 11.05.2020

Mrs Ryder's Assembly 11.5.20



Throughout year 4 we have been practising our prediction skills which we will be using in this week's English learning. On the document below titled 'Predictions Flotsam' there are four different pictures which are at the beginning of our new text. Please can you look at each picture, think about the questions that I have written and then write a prediction on each one about what you think is going to happen. Each picture is going to give you more information about the book so your prediction will change with each one. You will have four predictions in total, try not to look at the next picture as that will affect your prediction! Use these sentence starters to get you going:


I predict that....


I think this because.....


Remember, this is YOUR opinion so you can't be wrong! Just remember you need to justify your prediction with reasons. 




This week's White Rose maths is based around perimeter. We have already looked at this in some detail so you will hopefully remember lots of it.

The resources are below. White Rose have changed how they deliver their resources so, as a school, we have bought a subscription so that you don't need to.


We have also included the weekly maths link for BBC bitsize. You do not need to do both activities, but they are there for you to pick from and do as much as is needed.



Two weeks ago we asked you to research your favourite world river and the emails that we have had from you and your adults have shown that you really enjoyed that learning. This week, we are going to look at a river's journey and the different features of a river. To start with read through the presentation below titled Geography - Journey of a River and discuss the different parts of a river with your adult. Then have a go at the worksheet which asks you to label a river. You have a mild, spicy or hot version. mild having one star, spicy - two stars and hot - three stars. Choose whichever one you prefer. 


Then, if you want to go deeper in to the learning, get an adult at home and play the river definition game. Cut out the labels and defintions from the below attachment. Each of you has a pile of river labels. Give them out randomly. Put the definitions on the table in front of you. Take it turns to turn over a river label and then match it to a definition. Discuss each one to make sure you chose the correct definition and why. Did you manage to match them all correctly?