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Superhero Day

Dear Parents

You may have seen in the media that there is to be a charity event on the 23rd April called “The Big Night In”. It is a collaboration between Comic Relief and Children in Need. The Government has pledged to match fund every penny raised. As a school and as a Trust, we have been working hard to support our key workers and vulnerable children. We are keen to do something as a whole Trust to celebrate the achievements of all the key workers, from those on the NHS frontline to those who are keeping all our important services going. We would like to have a “Superhero Day” on 23rd April and combine this with the fund raising event. On that day we would love everyone to do something at home that celebrates their favourite superhero. It may be that they dress in a superhero costume – be that a fictional hero or a nurse/doctor/teacher/or other key worker uniform. If there are no costumes in the house – no stress needed! Drawings or messages written to heroes would be great too. We would love you to then take a photo/short video of them in costume or holding their pictures/ messages. These could be sent to their class teacher to be uploaded on to the class blog, sent to the school admin email address ( or sent to me on my email address ( We will then make a collage of the pictures to share with our community. Obviously, if you don’t want your child’s photo to be shared, we would ask that you make that clear as our usual checks are more difficult to do with a skeleton staff. We appreciate that for many of you finances will be really difficult at this time.

There is absolutely no obligation to donate to the “Big Night In”. However, if you would like to support the cause, you can make a donation through the link below: Again, please be assured that this is entirely voluntary and children can still take part in the superhero day, regardless of your ability to donate.

In these difficult times it would be lovely to have our own tribute to all these wonderful people and I hope you feel able to support our very own Connect Academy Trust Superhero Day. With very best wishes,

Sarah Ryder