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Thursday 4th February

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Thursday 4th February



Lesson Objective

To write the second paragraph of a persuasive letter.


In this lesson, we will write the second paragraph of our persuasive letter. We will put forward our reasons for wanting to open a new dragon training school. We will use our plan from Lesson 4 to help us with our writing today.

Lesson Link:

To write the second paragraph of a persuasive letter (


There are identical expectations for the lesson today as you are writing another paragraph in the same letter.


Follow instructions on video as best as you can.  Use the example to help with your own writing.  Make sure you keep your writing formal!


Use an example of exaggeration in your paragraph.  Highlight the sentence to show where you have used this.


Use examples of exaggeration, flattery and presumption.  Highlight these parts in different colours to show where you have used them.


Lesson Objective

Can I divide with remainders?

Think about:

If we can’t make a group in this column, what do we do? 

What happens if we can’t group the ones equally?

When would we round the remainder up or down?

In which context would we just focus on the remainder?


White Rose Video Link:

Follow the video to help support your learning with the questions.

Spr5.3.4 - Divide with remainders on Vimeo



Complete questions 1 and 2.


Complete questions 1,2,3 and 4.


Complete all questions on the worksheet.


Extra Hot

To complete all questions and the extra hot challenge questions.


Optional Activities - BBC Bitesize:

Additional support on dividing with remainders.  Includes a quiz to help with your learning.

How to work out division with remainders - BBC Bitesize

Spr5.3.4 - Divide with remainders


Today the experiment is to investigate separating materials using different processes.



Separating mixtures activity sheet


1 star sheet


2 star sheet


3 star sheet