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In Phonics we are now in Phase 5 in which the children will learn new digraphs (2 letters making 1 sound).

In school we use pictures with phrases and actions to help the children remember these digraphs.

Below is a copy of the Phase 5 sound mat (given out/sent home in the Autumn term) and the phrases and actions to go with them. 

Phonics Lesson 37

Today's new digraph is ie, fried pie

English Poetry

Today we will be enjoying the book Rumble In The Jungle.


The video link in the first part of the lesson seems to be temperamental! Below is a different link to use to access the book.


Today's activity is to write a 4 line animal poem, using 'ing' words (as explained and modelled in part 2 of the lesson presentation)

For the MILD challenge, you can scribe the start of the sentence for your child and he/she writes the 'ing' word themselves.

For the SPICY challenge your child writes 4 word lines themselves eg The gazelle is leaping.

For the HOT challenge, can your child add an adjective to describe each animal? eg The pretty gazelle is leaping.

In school we 'bann' boring adjectives eg big/small and plain colour words eg red/yellow. Interesting size words such as huge/teeny weeny and colour words such as fiery red/sunshine yellow are allowed!  

In today's Maths, for the MILD challenge please answer questions 1 and 2, for the SPICY challenge please complete questions 1, 2 and 3 and for the HOT challenge please complete all the questions. 


We continue learning about Judaism.
This week we look at the traditions of a Jewish Wedding. There is a lesson outline and a presentation - please talk through as much of the detail in it as you feel your child is ready for.
Your child can then make a Jewish wedding card.