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Daily connection Wednesday

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To build descriptive language

In this lesson, we will build descriptive language in our stories through song.


Mild challenge – Look at the example verse and see if you can change some of the words

Spicy challenge – Complete the suffix activity and then look at the example verse to edit

Hot challenge – Complete the suffix activity and then make up your own verse for the story.


White Rose Maths – Geometry Properties of shape

Children are introduced to the terms vertex and vertices. They understand that a vertex is where two lines meet at a point. They recognise that corners are vertices and will be able to identify and count them on shapes. Ensure from this point forwards the word vertex is used in place of corner throughout all content.


Mild challenge – complete the maths sheet

Spicy challenge -Complete worksheet and extension sheet (True or false).

Hot challenge – Complete all of the above and the hot challenge.  Activity card- diving into mastery


To explore a range of sliders and levers

In this lesson, we will explore a range of sliders and levers. We will learn how to create different, simple mechanisms whilst gaining an understanding of how the sliders and levers move. This lesson includes some physical activity and equipment beyond pen, paper or pencil. Please make sure your child is adequately supervised.