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Daily connection Wednesday

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English -

Oak academy – To write a vivid description (part 1) In this lesson, we will take a key scene in the story and write it with a focus on making the description vivid to paint a clear picture for the reader.

To write a vivid description (Part 1) (

Mild challenge – To use the five senses in your vivid description

Spicy challenge – To use all parts of your toolkit in your vivid writing description

Hot challenge – Self assess your writing by adding small ticks to your toolklit to show what you have included


White Rose Maths – Children recognise and sort 2-D shapes including circle, square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon and octagon using a range of different orientations.Children should be encouraged to sort the shapes in more than one way. They can then describe how they have sorted

them using key language including side, vertex and symmetrical.

Mild challenge – Complete worksheet.

Spicy challenge – True or false

Hot challenge – Complete all of the above and the hot challenge.


Judaism lesson 3


Look at the powerpoint and slides to learn about Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.


Have a go at creating your own Yad and Torah scroll.