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Weekly Spellings 2019-20

Below are the weekly spellings for Year 5. Each week the children will have to learn the words for their spelling group.

The list is updated on a Sunday evening ready for the following Friday's spelling test. The list is given to each child on a Monday and they are encouraged to learn them throughout the week.


One method for learning spellings is 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check'.

This involves reading the word by sight then saying it aloud.

Cover the word and then write it out at least three times.

Uncover the words and then check the spellings.

Below is the National Curriculum Spelling document, covering Years 1 to 6. Within the document are the two statutory word lists; one for Years 3 & 4, and another for Years 5 & 6. The children have had copies of these already and will be expected to know their contents by heart this year.

Mrs Taylor's Group


If you are in Mrs Taylor's group for spellings you will receive 4 words from the Common Exception word list below and then 4 words from the Year 5 weekly list.

During the school closures it would be great if you focus on the words in the document below, choosing no more than 4/5 words a week that you don't know, and practicing them until you do!