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This week for your writing task you have a choice:


1. During this period of lockdown and isolation, you might have a friend or a relative that you are really missing! How lovely would it be for that relative/friend to receive a letter from you! So your first choice is to write a letter to a loved one and actually send it through the post to them! We don't need to read your letter as this is personal but you may wish to send a photo of you posting the letter into the letter box. Hopefully whoever you write to will really want to write back to you so remember to put your address in the top right corner of the page, to make sure they know exactly where you live!  


2. OR... your second choice is to write a diary entry for one of the days you have been at home. You want to choose a day that is memorable or maybe a day that you did quite a few activities. Explain how you felt on this day. Remember a diary is written usually at the end of the actual day you are writing about so you will have to think carefully about your use of past tense and chronological order. Like Anne Frank, your diary entry might be read one day by your future family members who will be amazed at the lengths we, as a country, went to in order to remain safe in 2020.