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Writing a mystery story


At school, we would be completing our range of writing styles over these next few weeks.


This week, we are going to write a mystery story where you can really let your imaginations go wild!


Watch the 'Road's End' animation clip. It is short so watch it a few times.


What a mysterious story!...what is going on?

Who is the strange man we see at the start and what has happened to him?

Why doesn't he reply to the helpful man in the car? Is his watch important? What about those goggles?

Why do we appear to be back at the start again at the end of the clip?

What is going on!


Write your own version of this story - it may be just about the clip or you might want to carry it on beyond this.

Make sure that you describe the opening setting and the two characters really thoroughly - there are some examples from us for you to read on the flipchart. 

Try to include some might just be one character! There is a speech activity to warm up your speech punctuation in the flipchart.

Use the 'Success Criteria' chart to remind you of good skills to use!


We would love to read some of your stories!

'Road's End' Flipchart

Success Criteria!...important skills to remember to use!

Success Criteria!...important skills to remember to use! 1