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Year 3 Home Learning

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Home Learning Week Beginning 13.7.20

Maths (Click on the red words to open a link.)


Here is a link to White Rose Maths Home Learning. It does 5 maths lessons a week. This week is Summer Term 10. You will need a username and password to access this week's learning. Email me ( and I will send you the username and the password.


Below is a number of the week challenge, a times table grid and a number bond grid as well as an Nrich maths challenge to have a go at. I have left up last week's challenges too if you didn't get round to them.

English Learning week beginning 13.7.20


We have been learning about writing letters. What can you remember about the features of letters?


Here is a lesson to help you focus on the features of letters.


Here is an activity to help you write a letter to your teachers.


Why not also write a letter to your new Year 4 teacher, telling them some information about you? 

Science Home Learning week beginning 13.7.20


Here is a video to help you revise all about food and nutrients. This video will help you revise about muscles and bones.


Below is a revision activity mat that can help you revise our science learning this half term. There are answers so you can check your learning. You could use the knowledge organiser to help you with the activities.

Topic work -Home Learning- Monday 6th July


Find out about the 7 wonders of the world. 

Which is your favourite?

Write down 6 facts about one of these and say why you would like to visit it. 

Draw a small picture to go with your facts. 

Extra task

Can you find this place on a world map?

Can you find all the other countries where you would find these 7 wonders? Add them to your map. 



PSHE Home Learning -Week 6th July

Mrs Ryder has done another fabulous assembly for you all. Use the link on our year 3 page to listen to it.

In PSHE we are learning about ourselves, changes and this week, wishes for the future.


Can I think about some of the wishes you have for the future. What do you wish for in the next week, month, year, 5 years?

Are they all the same ? How are they similar, different? 



Can you cut a piece of paper like Mrs Ryder did in this week's assembly video (above) into circles as if they were coins. Write your wishes for the future on the back as she did. Remember, they maybe for the immediate future (eg. tomorrow or the next day, or your next year in a new class or something for 5, 10 years time!



Art -home learning Wk 6th July 2020

Can you look at the 7 wonders of the world and choose an illustration, photograph or painting of one of them. 

Which is your favourite?

What do you like/dislike about the image?

Can you attempt to draw an image yourself of that place? 

Use any media you have to show a colourful version of this place.

Music Home Learning week beginning 13.7.20


The musician Bob Marley once said 'music is the only thing that when it hits you, it doesn't hurt'. Music is amazing and singing is really good for you. Here is a lesson to help you find out more.

French Home Learning week beginning 13.7.20


Watch Ben make a video call to his French friends as they buy what they need to have a pizza party. What French words do you recognise? What do these words mean? Can you say them?

PE Home Learning


Cosmic Kids Yoga is a great resource to help you keep fit and active.


Joe Wicks YouTube Channel has a daily PE With Joe session. These are exhausting and will get you super fit!

Year 3 Home Learning Pack

Here isĀ  a document with loads of useful links on it. It has subject by subject webpages for each key stage.

English Learning Documents