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Year 3 homework & spellings 2019/20

Home learning

  • The children will be given spellings based around the expectations of their year group. They will have a suitable number based upon their ability level.
  • The children are expected to read regularly throughout the week, with parental completion of the reading record on three occasions. This should indicate when and how much the children have read. It would also be helpful to include a very brief comment on any problems or successes from the activity.
  • Maths, English  or Topic homework is set once a week, usually on a Friday. It is due in on following Wednesday.
  • Our expectation is that the children should be able to complete their homework on their own.


Spellings Autumn 2019

Weekly Spellings 2019-20


Each week the children will be given spellings based upon a pattern or theme. They must try to learn all 20 words in preparation for our test the following Friday. Children will be given the list on paper, but are expected to practise them at home.

There are several strategies that could help, many of which we will be teaching and using in class. Below are some examples.


Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check:

Children read individual words, say them aloud, cover the word and then attempt to spell them out correctly, knowing what it should look like on paper, before finally checking their spelling against the original.


Word Pyramids:

Take a word and then start writing it out in parts, one letter added per line. See below.










Say it silly:

If a word can be said in a funny way, it might make it more memorable, especially if it has silent letters of unusual patterns.

Father becomes Fat-Her

Business becomes Bus-I-Ness

Beautiful becomes B-E-A-U-tiful


Write the word without vowels:

As it sounds! Take the word and then remove all of the vowels.

Monkey becomes mnky

Snake becomes snk

Terrace becomes trrc​​​



Fun ideas for spelling practice

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